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Tips to help kids sleep in a heatwave

Lydia Mansi

heatwave sleep tips.jpg

We're all loving the endless days of sunshine - picnics, beach days and a general holiday vibe - but when it comes to bedtimes, grouchy, hot, restless little ones are no fun. Here are some practical tips to help babies and children sleep more comfortably in the heat this summer...

Blackout blinds are great in summer months, not only to stop dawn wake-ups, but also if kept closed during the day, to keep a room cool. If a room is south-facing, consider keeping blinds/curtains closed during the hottest part of the day and opening windows first and last thing when the temperature cools.

A fan is a great investment for a little one's room to help circulate stifling air. Make sure it is out of reach and not facing directly at them.

Try placing large frozen bottles of water (2l) in their room, as they will help cool the air as they melts overnight. For an added blast, stand them in front of your fan (at a safe distance).

A simple one, but if you can - open the loft hatch so hot air can escape upwards. Keep windows open too, to create a through breeze.

A cooler bath temperature will help calm and soothe a hot and sticky little one. Our baby bath and massage oil is infuse with Roman Chamomile to help them relax, too.


Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for bedding, blankets, pjs and baby gros in the heat. The natural fibres will keep them cooler and help prevent them overheating. They're super soft and gentle on sensitive skin, too. Our woodland motif and chevron print baby blankets make great summer weight bedding for home and hols.


For older ones, our shortie pjs sets are 50% off in the sale at the moment. You can mix and match tops and bottoms, all made in the UK in the softest organic cotton, with fun neon orange trim.

You can shop the rest of our organic cotton products in the sale here, too.

Pic credit: Dakota Corbin on Unsplash