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5 reasons: to add a facial oil to your winter skincare

Lydia Mansi

Self-care is the buzz word for 2018; and in the depths of dark, gloomy February – never more has a bit of TLC been needed!

From journaling to managing to get a bath to yourself – minus the avalanche of plastic bath toys – reclaiming a bit of ‘me time’ is anything but selfish. Even sitting down to drink a cup of tea whilst it’s still warm can seem like a guilty pleasure when we are so used to multi-tasking and juggling the roles of mother, partner, a career… The oft quoted ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ is our mantra here at Lala & Bea HQ. As a team of working mums, we created our skincare range to give busy parents products that were not just organic, paraben- and cruelty-free (essential criteria in our book!), but that actually WORKED, and were gentle enough to use on all the family’s skin. They had to be functional and deliver, but also provide us with that feeling of indulgence at the end of a long day.

It was a tough call, so we worked really closely with Marion Mackonochie from Brighton Apothecary – who has a pharmaceutical AND a herbology degree. She has helped us ensure we are using super powerful natural ingredients, that really deliver.

When it came to formulating our brand-new facial oil this winter, we knew exactly the product we wanted to create. Something that protected our skin against the weather and environment, but that also provided real skincare benefits without the use of harsh chemicals. The ‘Get up & Glow’ moniker came about as we wanted something that would work hard on our skin overnight, even if we didn’t get a full 40 winks!

Here’s a quick 5 reasons why your skin will love our ‘Get up & Glow’ oil:

1/ Its ingredients list. It’s a powerhouse of skin-loving properties. From an exclusive microalgae blend proven to protect the skin from our stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline – hello motherhood!); to the ancient, healing properties of Frankincense to help naturally slow the signs of ageing.
We also included antioxidant-packed Green Tea oil in our blend, which protects the skin from UV damage and free radicals from the environment - essential for city living. Last but not least is the sea buckthorne oil – one of the world’s most nutrient-rich oils, packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish, renew and protect skin. Quite the glow-boosting powerhouse! To preserve these amazing ingredients we’ve used dark-coloured, glass bottles to ensure they stay fresher for longer.

Our labels are waterproof too – just a little touch, but it ensures that even if they get wet or greasy they won’t disintegrate.

2/ Its hydration properties. Just like you wouldn’t wear your pom-pom kaftan in January, you probably need to switch up your winter skincare wardrobe, too. Harsh winds that chap cheeks; red noses courtesy of non-stop cold season and the moisture-zapping effects of central heating… it’s no wonder skin is left dull, flaky and a bit ‘meh’ at this time of year. The good news is that a lot of winter skin woes can often be fixed with a good dose of re-hydration.

Add a couple of drops to your daily moisturising cream will help super-boost its hydration power. The oil helps seal in the moisture from your cream and ensure your skin gets the drink it needs.

3/ Its glow factor. A good facial oil can deliver that ‘glowy skin’ that is severely lacking in the depths of winter and that’s down to its ability to restore moisture. Dull, dry skin cells absorb, rather than reflect light; zapping any chance of that dewy skin you crave. Coupled with a good, gentle exfoliation routine, our facial oil will restore moisture levels and bring back that glow you crave.

4/ It’s a great primer. Often in winter our make-up can highlight, rather than cover-up, imperfections. Foundation sits in wrinkles and dull skin provides an un-even surface for us to work with. Facial oil can help treat dry, flaky or blemish prone skin (our frankincense is great for lessening the appearance of acne scarring), giving you’re a smoother, plumper base to apply your foundation.

5/ It provides protection. Whether you live in a city, or the country – our facial oil provides a much-needed protective layer again pollutants and the environment. Think of it as an ‘extra layer’ in winter – while it’s amazing at locking moisture in, it’s also pretty good at keeping airborne toxins out, such as city smog. Even if you’ve escaped the city stresses, extremes in temperature, wind, sun exposure (yes – even in winter!) can all take their toll, too.

A couple of drops of this skin-boosting powerhouse is all you need to pimp your winter skincare, get yours here.