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Ethical family lifestyle brand - designed and made in the UK, selling organic slogan sweatshirts, merino wool bobble beanie hats, picnic blankets, organic skincare, baby blankets, new baby and baby shower gifts and wedding gifts. 

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Kids Sale - How to shop savvy


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Kids Sale - How to shop savvy

Lydia Mansi

kids sale shopping.jpg

Kids sales shopping temptation is filling our inboxes this week as retailers big and small offer tantalising discounts - as part of our ‘shop consciously and well’ ethos, we have put together our top tips to navigate the sales mindfully and invest well for the coming season:

  1. Stay in season
    It’s always tempting to snap up swimsuits or sandals in the depths of winter - yet more often than not, by the time summer rolls round they won’t be the right size or you’ll have forgotten you bought them entirely. Try and stay in season. There are still a good 3 months of winter weather ahead of us (remember that snow in March?!), look for clothes that fit them and they will wear now to avoid random ‘bargain’ purchases… which leads us on to…

  2. Buy what they need
    How many clothes does 1 child actually need? When they are in their school uniforms for 5 days of the week - the answer is far less than you think. A few well bought pieces that mix and match well will see them through a season. It’s always tempting to ‘pick up a few bits and bobs’ in the sales to add to their wardrobes but before you shop, take an inventory of what they already have and only replace things they have outgrown or worn out.

  3. Think about the onward chain
    We believe in buying for more than one child - thinking with every purchase ‘who will wear this next?’. This idea of thinking about the lifespan and longevity of an item of clothing really helps reduce the waste and ‘fast fashion’ turnover of ours and our children’s wardrobes. Whether it’s handed down to a younger sibling, nephew/niece, godchild… thinking long-term will ensure you buy mindfully rather than make snap purchases.

  4. Buy well
    Nothing makes us prouder than hearing from customers that our organic cotton sweatshirts or merino hats are on their ‘3rd owner’. Buying childrenswear that has been made with quality, natural fibres is the best investment you can make. Sale season is a great time to shop for investment items that you might not necessarily be able to afford, or justify, at full price but that will wear well and be worn again and again. Often well-made designs from independent brands will cost more than the high-street as they have been hand-made, or ethically produced - but the flipside is that they will last twice, or often 3 times longer than their cheaper high-street alternatives. Making them in ‘cost-per-wear’ terms, a bargain.

  5. Avoid novelty

    Snow boots, Christmas jumpers and ‘novelty’ garments will all be discounted heavily at this time of year for a reason…items they may wear a handful of times before outgrowing are never an ethical investment - look for timeless, everyday classics that they will wear well into 2019.