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What's BEAN going on?

Caroline Begley

Whether you have acres or a small balcony, it's the right time of year to sow some seeds and grow-your-own. It's a great way for kids to gain an understanding of where their food comes from (apart from the supermarket) and maybe even nurture a love of gardening. It's really easy too and importantly, you don't need to look far for the ingredients.

You will need....

*a loo roll & newspaper or yogurt pot (make sure you pop a few little holes in the bottom)

*a handful of compost

*bean seeds 

*canes and string

There are several varieties of beans to choose from and you can buy seeds from gardening centres and even most supermarkets.

1. If you are using a loo roll, screw up some newspaper and place at one end to act as a stopper. If you are using  yogurt pot make sure you punch some holes in the base.

2 Fill the container 3/4 way with compost, pressing it down gently.

3. Water the compost so it is moist, but not soaked

4. Make a little hole with your finger in the compost and put in the bean seed/s, then cover with more compost and pat down gently.


5. Place in a container and place on a warm window sill, keeping it moist but being careful not to over water

6. Your seedling should appear within 7-10 days. Once big enough you can them re-pot outside. Use the cane and string to keep the plant upright


Please send us any pictures of the veg you grow over the Summer and any dishes you make with them!