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Ethical family lifestyle brand - designed and made in the UK, selling organic slogan sweatshirts, merino wool bobble beanie hats, picnic blankets, organic skincare, baby blankets, new baby and baby shower gifts and wedding gifts. 

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Caroline Begley

The Lala & Bea Organic Family Skincare range has been designed to be suitable for use by all the family. We worked with an amazingly talented Medical Herbalist from Brighton Apothecary. Marion's background in Pharmacology from her degree at UCL teamed with her Herbalist Medicine degree plus being a mother of two makes her expertise second to none and the perfect choice for us. Our products can also be purchased from the Brighton Apothecary store http://brightonapothecary.co.uk

We tweaked and developed our products until we were 100% with the texture, fragrance and importantly performance then added beautiful packaging (UK sourced) and matt vinyl stickers (so they don't soak up any oils from the product and disintegrate) to create an initial range we are over the moon about and use daily yourself. It was great fun to develop, adding a little more of this, a bit less of that until we had the perfect products. We will be developing more products to add to the range this coming year.

L-R: Organic Nourish Balm; Organic Baby Massage & Bath Oil; Organic Sleep Tight Pillow Spray; Organic Nourish Massage & Bath Oil

Lala & Bea skincare is great to use on you and your family and also makes the perfect gift for new or expectant parents with our gift bag option

Nourish Balm being made

Nourish Balm being made

Our products contain natural and Organic ingredients which where possible are UK grown. Not tested on animals, they contain no parabens or nasties and are fully licensed.

Organic ingredients used for our products

Organic ingredients used for our products

The right blend of ingredients are key.......

Nourish balm is our most versatile product. It's great for dry or chapped skin, is really nourishing and soothing for sore or itchy skin. It can be used simply as a hand cream or on those pesky elbows and knees to soften skin. Nourish Balm contains Rosehip seed oil, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been used since Egyptian times for a variety of skin complaints because of it's regenerative qualities which are helpful with scarring such as acne marks and stretch marks. Vitamin E has been added as a moisturiser as well as eliminating free-radicals. Great to use on all of the family.

Nourish Oil can be used as a relaxing and calming bath oil or as a nourishing massage oil used directly onto the skin. Like our Nourish Balm, It also contains Rosehip seed oil, which has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and regenerative qualities helpful with scarring such as acne marks and stretch marks.

It also contains Oat oil which is high in lanolic acid, a fatty acid critical for the maintenance of the outer skin layer. It prevents both the penetration of noxious agents from the environment into the skin and the evaporation of water in the opposite direction. Vitamin E has been added as a moisturiser as well as eliminating free-radicals.

This is our only adult only product, it's aromatherapy oils, which are great for adults, may be too strong for babies delicate skin. Also, why share when they can have their own?!

Sleep Tight Pillow Spray contains the relaxing and calming aromatherapy scents of Lavender and Ylang Ylang which create a sleep inducing aroma. Spray directly onto the pillow and bedding before sleep or can be used as a room fragrancer. We were really keen to come up with a product that could help tired parents and children to get a good night's sleep. 

Baby Massage & Bath Oil is a simple oil created for baby massage or bath time to both soothe delicate skin and aid sleep. A blend of nourishing & softening essential oils which will help to maintain your baby's supple and smooth skin. Can be used as both a bath oil and as a massage oil. Baby Massage is a great way of strengthening the bond with your baby and raises levels of the 'feel-good' hormone oxytoxin in both baby and parent, helping both feel calmer and relaxed. It has also been proven to elevate symptoms of colic and wind. 

Roman Camomile oil, an anti-inflammatory, can help bring a sense of calm and is used to combat irritability and stress. It also has a wonderful but subtle aroma which is missing from many baby oils. 

The Jojoba plant is the only known plant to produce oils which are closest to our skins own natural oils. It is naturally hypoallergenic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids and Vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin E is a moisturiser as well as useful for eliminating free-radicals.

To be used from 3 months


We have receive lovely feedback from customers so far....... 

Sophie, Oxfordshire - "This product is absolutely amazing! Thank you, you have solved my chapped, eczema split hands once and for all. I have tried so many products, this is the only one that works. And it smells so good too. Thank you a million times over"

Karen, London - "Works wonders on winter skin! Elbow and knees too! Like a lot"

Paula, London - "Love this product SO much! Use it on my son daily and also on myself"

Nikki, London - "love the nourish balm. Been using it all day"