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Or if you would prefer to speak to us in person, please call 07968629410 / 07769704379. 

35 Kingswood Road
London, SW2
United Kingdom

Unisex childrenswear brand Made in Britain. Merino wool bobble hats, blankets, family skin care, baby teething necklaces, organic skin care, buggy blankets, picnic blankets, baby shower gift, pillow spray, wall stickers, 

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Katie and Caroline met at art school (too long ago!), both going on to have careers fashion & retail and now have families of their own. With (almost) 25years experience in the industry between them, they know there are many good bits and bad bits., so, they decided to concentrate on the good bits! They make and manufacture their products in the UK meaning they can keep an eye on the production chain, ensure a more sustainable supply chain and have less of an environmental impact while designing & manufacturing practical but fun products. They are proud member ofthe Made in Britain campaign.


Inspired by fun pattern, colour and adventure Lala & Bea aim to create products which Children will want to wear and Parents can love too creating pieces which will last both time and style and you would want to pass on. 

Lala & Bea are also keen to support manufacturing in the UK and use family-run factories to produce the collections.



We always chatted about owning our own brand. Life happened, we both got 'proper' jobs - Katie in VM and Caroline in design - got married (not to one another!) and started families, got new jobs and would chat long in the evening about ideas and things we could do together. One day, our dreams turned into a reality so we handed in our notice at work and jumped.


The Lala & Bea Organic Family Skincare range has been designed to be suitable for use by all the family. We worked with an amazingly talented Medical Herbalist from Brighton Apothecary. Marion's background in Pharmacology from her degree at UCL teamed with her Herbalist Medicine degree plus being a mother of two makes her expertise second to none and the perfect choice for us. Our products can also be purchased from the Brighton Apothecary store

We tweaked and developed our products until we were 100% with the texture, fragrance and importantly performance then added beautiful packaging (UK sourced) and matt vinyl stickers (so they don't soak up any oils from the product and disintegrate) to create an initial range we are over the moon about and use daily yourself. It was great fun to develop, adding a little more of this, a bit less of that until we had the perfect products. We will be developing more products to add to the range this coming year.

Free from parabens, natural and organic ingredients are used in our skincare and where possible, any ingredients that are grown in the UK are used. We have developed our creams & oils with a medical herbalist to ensure they are as nourishing and healing as possible for use by the entire family.  Our skincare is not tested on animals and all of our ingredients and packaging come from natural and sustainable sources. 

All of our products have been safety certified. Please contact us if you would like more details regarding this.

NUT ALLERGIES - Please note the use of Almond nut oil in our Nourish Oil




super-soft and naturally breathable yarn. It's better for the environment too sheep were harmed in the making of our products!

  • Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture away from the skin as well as being slightly moisture repellent.
  • Like cotton, wool absorbs water (up to 1/3 its weight), but, unlike cotton, wool retains warmth when wet.
  • Like most wools, merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties.
  • Merino is one of the softest types of wool available due to finer fibres and smaller scales.
  • Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.